5 Days to OWN YOUR OWN

Own Your Own is a program for women looking to level-up their own sense of self-worth and relationship to pleasure.

Women, it’s time to rise in love, with ourselves. Do you devalue yourself and your life? Do you choose things you know aren’t the best for you, or that isn’t your first choice because you’re afraid a better offer won’t present itself? Are you searching for love and pleasure and hoping that there would be more of both in your life? Then let me guide you into discovering how to own your own love, in your life, today.

I believe that together, in raising our unified vibration we can create a world that we feel is safe, beautiful and hears us, as women. I also believe that part of the success of a worldly shift begins, within ourselves. I believe that women are being called to champion their own lives, especially in the areas of love, sex and relationships, as a woman, as women and as womyn. It’s time to rise. It’s time to own it.

Joining the O.Y.O community will call upon you to develop skills of confidence, honesty, fearlessness, accountability and love.

Own your own - shift into actually loving yourself. Love yourself enough to choose yourself.

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