About Dr. Carlen Costa

Dr. Carlen is a Love Leader, Sexologist & Relationship Psychotherapist based out of Ontario, Canada. Projecting through diverse platforms, Carlen works to reinforce the message of living a pleasurable and powerful life, in the highest vibration of love.

For many of us, talking about our intimate relationships with others can be challenging. Facing the relationship we have with ourselves tends to also be easily dismissed. Carlen works with people to help them best identify what the barriers to their success in relationships are, as well as to understand how best to create opportunities for improvement within their own lives, so as to also inspire greatness with others.

Dr. Carlen, as a media presence promotes the curation of your own nurturing attitude to empower healthy and happy consensual intimate relationships and values in your life. Dr. Carlen believes that we are all deserving of a life where we see ourselves with confidence, happiness, kindness, empowerment and especially, through the lense of love. Intimate and pleasurable expressions come fiercely from love, and thus these relationships need to be nurtured and feel supported in the context of it - whether for another(s) or for yourself. As an intersectional, sex-positive, feminist, Carlen believes that we are called to champion our own lives and to move beyond our stories.

A graduate from The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, she went on to the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. IASHS is home to some of the world’s most talented and influential in the ever evolving practice of sexology. She is privileged and honoured to be working amongst a prestigious class of professionals within the field of sexology.

As a registered psychotherapist, Dr. Carlen’s expertise and experience has enabled her success in counseling self identified men, self identified women, trans-identified and other various self identities in all of their intimate, pansexual experiences. She encourages and addresses concerns people have in their lives, through the modality of talk therapy, in-office and online.

Whether Dr. Carlen is hosting her weekly Facebook Live show “Dr.Carlen LIVE”, speaking at campuses all over Ontario, giving expert advice to internationally acclaimed magazines, helping couples through private counseling, or supporting women to take back the power in their lives and own it, Dr. Carlen has had credible success in connecting people to the best in sex, love, relationships and life.

Thank you for joining Dr. Carlen in enriching your life with love!

Love you,